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Stop wasting money on clothes you never wear. Understand which cuts and colours are right for you.
Learn how to highlight your assets (and disguise any flaws).

Dresscode offers you style advice that never goes out of fashion

Discover how to combine the old with the new. Know how to dress to impress.

About Dresscode

Welcome to Dresscode. If you answer 'yes' to any of the following, you've come to the right place:

Do you have clothes you never wear?

Have you tried one outfit after another only to opt for your usual, 'safe' jeans and tee?

Would you like to wear colour rather than your usual black?

Do you want to be fashionable but still different and unique?

There's a code to dressing well. A dress code. Everyone has their own. I'll teach you yours. It's easy once you know what suits your unique body shape and colourings.

I don't believe in 'effortless chic'. Looking great always requires work. But you can make it look easy by using the skills I'll teach you.

To help you dress to impress, Dresscode offers a range of personalised services:

Style Solutions Looking up to date is important, but is what's on offer compatible with your body shape, size and proportions? In a two-hour Style Solutions consultation you'll learn how to use clothes and accessories to highlight your assets and disguise any perceived flaws. You'll take home a detailed manual with descriptions and illustrations of the styles and cuts that are best for you, and which fabrics, jacket and hem lengths, necklines, shoes and accessories will most enhance your look.

Colour Coding Find out which colours make you look younger and more radiant. A two-hour Colour Coding consultation includes a comprehensive manual with all you need to know about your true colours. You also receive a high quality, laminated colour swatch (with 60 different colours) that is small enough to fit in your handbag. Take it with you when you go shopping. With your very own colourcode at your fingertips you can add colour to your wardrobe, choose the right colour combinations ' even what colour lipstick to wear!

Retail Therapy Shop with an expert! I'll help you buy clothes you'll enjoy wearing time and again. In a three-hour Retail Therapy consultation I can help you find the perfect wedding dress, clothes for work or play, or the shoes, glasses, swimwear or jeans that are right for you. Accompanied shopping trips can be carried out at your favourite outlets or I can recommend some that will meet your particular needs.

Wardrobe Workout Hiding any skeletons in the closet? In our 3 hours together we'll go through your clothes and accessories and decide what is worth keeping and what is holding you back. You receive a detailed manual on how to 'shop your wardrobe' and how to store and launder your clothes. I'll help you mix and match what you already own to create entirely new outfits. Some clothes might require minor alterations. I'll advise you how to refashion any not-quite-right items so they better meet your styling needs.


Hi. I'm Peta Stephenson, a Melbourne-based style and image consultant with a difference. The truth is, I'm not that interested in the latest fads and fashions. After years of chasing my tail trying to keep up with every 'must have' look, I realised it's more important to wear clothes that suit me, not some store window mannequin, A-list celebrity or catwalk supermodel. I'm not anti-fashion. I'm pro-style. I believe if the clothes you're wearing complement your body shape and colourings, then they're on trend.

Having learned how to dress myself properly, I'm here to share the love. I get a warm inner glow helping clients crack their own dress code to understand which cuts and colours to embrace, and which to forego. I love seeing the women and men I've met take charge of their sartorial destinies; to feel empowered when they walk into a shop or when looking at the clothes in their wardrobe.

I love clothes, but I'm mindful of the high cost of cheap fashion. Fast, throwaway clothing is unsustainable and my goal is to help you reduce your fashion footprint by choosing well-fitting, high-quality clothes that are worn and loved and not added to landfill.


You're unique. An individual. One of a kind. Some clothes look great on you, while others do you no favours at all. Certain colours make you glow. Others do the opposite. But how do you know which styles and colours are right for you? The simple act of getting dressed each morning is anything but. If you've ever stood in front of the mirror and asked yourself 'does this jacket match?', 'is this skirt really me?' or 'does this make me look fat?', then wonder no more. I'm here to teach you the tricks of the trade, so you'll be dressed and out the door (and looking great) in no time.

Self-knowledge is the key. Once you understand the styles that most enhance your body shape and proportions; the clothes that match your lifestyle needs; the garments that best express your personal style; and the colours that complement your natural colouring, you'll be your own personal stylist.

A Dresscode consultation is an investment that saves you money. Don't be swayed by sales assistants or clever ad campaigns about the latest 'must-have' look. By knowing your best colours and styles you can automatically eliminate 90% of what's in store and focus on the 10% of items that will be perfect for you. Now that's what I call smart shopping!

Knowing your dress code gives you greater confidence. Wearing stylish clothes that celebrate your physical assets (and detract attention from any perceived figure flaws) does great things for your self-esteem. It also has a profound impact on the way other people relate to you. Dressing well tells others you're a competent person worthy of care, attention and respect. It's not called 'power dressing' for nothing!

Understanding your dress code helps you help the environment. Buying lots of clothes you never wear is costly, financially and environmentally. Purchasing fewer clothes that you love and wear over and over means you benefit directly ' in your hip pocket ' and indirectly through a reduction in your level of waste. As every fashionista knows, looking great shouldn't cost the earth!

I could go on and on about the benefits of a Dresscode consultation (did I mention they're tax deductible if your job involves dealing with the public)? But don't just take my word for it. Here's what some of my clients have to say:

Thank you for a great Style Solutions consultation. I enjoyed every moment and for the first time in my adult life I feel comfortable in my own skin. Instead of being unhappy with my body shape I have embraced my curves and feel confident in hiding my flaws. I have been singing your praises to my friends and they would love to meet you too! Lovely to meet you and thank you again.
Dianne Bennett

Peta's advice on image, including colours and style, was very helpful. She had detailed knowledge and a strong sense of style that were evident throughout. The consultation was highly detailed and I came away confident in recreating my wardrobe. Perhaps the most useful parts were Peta's insights and advice on sustainable fashion. The consultation proved particularly useful when having clothes made as I was able to refer to her sketches and notes regarding the most flattering and suitable styles, and my colour swatch helped when choosing fabric.
Jacqueline Cussen

Peta came and spoke to the graduate students at Ormond College (University of Melbourne) about professional image and personal style. She demonstrated flair and professionalism as well as a dash of inspiration that was so impressive that we recently invited her to come and speak to our undergraduate students. I can thoroughly endorse and recommend Dresscode.
Dr Kiera Lindsey

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Reducing Your Fashion Footprint in Four Easy Steps
For the modern woman who cares about global warming and the next season's looks, Reducing Your Fashion Footprint in Four Easy Steps is a must-have accessory.

From the principles of 'slow fashion' and how to 'shop your wardrobe', to the joys of clothes-swaps and op-shopping, Reducing Your Fashion Footprint in Four Easy Steps encourages you to buy quality over quantity and to sew or refashion your own clothes. It's smart, inspirational and will show even the most diehard shopaholic how she can satisfy her desire and salve her conscience. Who said high principles were incompatible with high fashion ' or high heels, for that matter? Becoming eco-fabulous is easy! Change the world and your wardrobe in four easy steps:

1. Avoid being a weapon of mass consumption

2. Love the clothes you're in

3. Shop your wardrobe, and

4. Make do & Mend.

Hear what others have to say
I've read many books, articles and blog posts on "how to get the perfect wardrobe", but Peta Stephenson fundamentally understands the psychology (both negative and positive) of a woman's wardrobe like few others. Her simple take on things allows fashion lovers to maximise the good stuff and do away with the not-so-good stuff when it comes to shopping. Reducing Your Fashion Footprint in Four Easy Steps proves that changing the way you do things comes with many benefits, and that it really isn't as difficult as it might seem. Peta's insights and clear steps allow women to develop a healthier relationship with their wardrobe, their bank balance, the environment, and ultimately themselves. Highly recommended reading.
Lara McPherson, Founder - Sustainable Fashion Australia.

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Gift Certificates

Stuck for a gift idea for that special someone who has everything? Have a friend, partner or family member who is in need of a bit of pampering? Help them to achieve the look they've always desired and enjoy the life they've always wanted with a Dresscode gift certificate. It's the ultimate style experience that is both rewarding and fun, with the power to transform that special man or woman in your life.

Certificates can be purchased for a specific consultation or for a dollar amount[click on dropdown below to select your options]. With this unique and memorable gift you can help that certain someone to escape the distractions of daily life and enjoy a personalised session tailored to their needs. It could be to revamp their wardrobe, go on a customised shopping excursion, or to learn which cuts and colours are best for them. Whether they love their current style or need a little help defining or rejuvenating it, a Dresscode gift certificate will leave them feeling confident, in control and thoroughly indulged.

Certificates are not redeemable for cash and will be honoured for six months after the date of purchase.
Please purchase all gift certificates on a desktop.